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More On The Reece Sisters, Especially, Martha Reece-Hall

Martha kept busy singing while we were busy being moms.  Martha worked with
Cousin Wilbur's Band for years during the 1970's and did a world tour with
his band which included Germany, Spain, England and Thule Greenland,
as well as a lot of U.S. Service Bases. They were in Thule, Greenland, during the
Christmas Holidays, 1969, for 3 weeks.

After working with Cousin Wilbur's Band, Martha formed a band of her own,
The Hallmarks, and traveled and sang for several years during the 70's, during
which time, she worked with many wonderful Country Music stars and made a lot
of friends.  She also worked for a while with the Nashville Cowboy Love Band
in shows in and around Nashville, TN.  

The Reece Sisters appeared weekly on "Carolina In The Morning" show with
The Hired Hands on WIS-TV 10 in Columbia, SC; produced two radio shows
of their own (a one-hour show on WBLR and a half-hour show on WCAY) for
several years during the early 1960's; performed with many Opry Stars in local
shows at the Township Auditorium in Columcia, SC - see posters below;
performed in a Grand Ole Opry road tour with Porter Wagoner in 1963 which
included shows in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Iowa; and were guests on his
national television show that year.  

They were also guests several times on Farmer Gray's long-running "Noon Time
Neighbors" show on WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC, as well as some shows with  
Arthur Smith and The Cracker Jacks, of Charlotte, NC.

The Reece Sisters worked with two great bluegrass singers and pickers,
Charlie Moore and Bill Napier, and also the Barnett Brothers of Spartanburg, SC,
on show dates and appeared on Bob Poole's Gospel Program on WSPA-TV
in Spartanburg, SC, during the 1960's.

Some of the advertising posters for the shows are below:
The Reece Sisters
Photo Album - Page 3
Posters of shows in which Martha (Reece) Hall performed.
Posters of shows in which The Reece Sisters performed.
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